About Marisa Thompson

Dr. Marisa Thompson
NMSU Extension Horticulture Specialist
505-865-7340 ext. 113
email: desertblooms@nmsu.edu

Marisa is the NMSU Extension Horticulture Specialist, a state-wide position based in Los Lunas. She is responsible for active Extension and Research programs in sustainable horticultural practices for New Mexicans. Marisa worked pairing plants and people at nurseries in Albuquerque before becoming an Albuquerque Area Extension Master Gardener in 2008 and a Las Cruces Tree Steward in 2014. Her MS in Horticulture involved a study of pecan orchard floor management and how weeds affect water status, soil nutrient availability, and nut yield of mature pecan trees. Marisa received a PhD in Plant and Environmental Sciences in August 2017 for her research on pecan flowering mechanisms with a focus on plant hormones and genes that control floral initiation.

She currently writes the gardening column, Southwest Yard & Garden, which is published weekly in newspapers and magazines across the state, as well as on this blog. Access the column archives and other hort-related resources at www.desertblooms.nmsu.edu. Or find her on social media @NMDesertBlooms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest).

El Cerro de Los Lunas with cranes (Feb. 2017)

Extracting RNA from pecan leaf and bud tissues (Feb. 2016)

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